Pricing is based in accordance with charges from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, our service fee and applicable state sales tax.

All major credit cards and cash are accepted at time of processing. We do not accept personal checks.

The Omega Live Scan fee is a flat fee of $37 plus Florida sales tax of 7%. You will also need to pay the FDLE background fee (rounded up) for your ORI submission number. The fee for the ORI submission number varies from $20-$60. You can look up the fee using the link below. Once you know your ORI number, you can determine the total cost of your live scan.

For a further and transparent explanation, please see our breakout below.

Omega Live Scan Charge:

Omega Live Scan $37 Fee + 7% Tax = $39.59 + cost of ORI FDLE Fee 

OMEGA LIVE SCAN FEE $37.00 plus 7% Florida Sales Tax: This is the administrative cost we charge for capturing your prints and submitting them as well your photo (if applicable) to the state of Florida for processing. We offer a $5 discount for First Responders and Military in appreciation of their service. Payment can be made by cash or credit card at time of service.

FDLE BACKGROUND CHECK FEE: This fee is determined by your ORI number for the individual applicant. It is up to the applicant to determine the correct ORI number. Omega Live Scan cannot be responsible for supplying this. Fees vary based on the ORI number. Applicant will be charged the rounded up fee based on the individual ORI number. For example, if your fee is $44.54, you will be charged $45.00. This fee is not subject to Florida sales tax.

If you would like to determine your FDLE pricing in advance of visiting Omega Live Scan for fingerprinting, please click the link below to the FDLE website to look up pricing.


We support our military and first responders by offering $5.00 off any service with appropriate identification. As former law enforcement with a child currently serving in the military, your efforts are appreciated every day. Thank you for your service to our community and country.

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